4 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy Another DreaReneeKnits Pattern

Now that I’ve washed and blocked my Weekender Sweater – the second of Andrea Mowry’s designs I’ve finished – I remain unimpressed with many of her garments. While I am thrilled with the finished product (most of the credit for which lies the indie dyer I bought my yarn from, Old Soul Fiber Co.) I […]

Mixed Berry Cupcakes – Recipe

After much trial and error I have finally recreated the best cake I’ve ever had – inspired by my sister’s wedding cake (the recipe for which is closely guarded and wasn’t able to be retrieved by a lowly home baker such as myself), a luxurious huckleberry-infused white cake that tastes like it’s straight from heaven. […]

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting – Recipe

Cream cheese frosting is my favorite for any occasion! I don’t do a lot of fancy piping on my cakes and cupcakes so it holds up just fine for birthdays and family parties. This is a quick and easy recipe that takes a classic flavor to the next level with creamy melted white chocolate.

How to Refill a Bona Mop

If you’re anything like me you may have reconsidered your choice of cleaning products after having a baby. I know I didn’t used to care what I sprayed all over my household as long as it worked and it was cheap! Now that my son is one step behind me (all day, everyday) I am […]

Huckleberry Cream Cheese Turnovers – Recipe

Our family is a dessert family. That’s why when I say these turned out amazing, I am not afraid to toot my own horn! Pastry dough has always intimidated me because in order to get that perfect, flaky golden crust, the directions must be followed exactly: knead this many times, roll that many times, fold […]

Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Recipe

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal at the cabin, especially on the weekends! Every Saturday and Sunday at the very least I make a traditional farm-style breakfast; more recently I’ve been experimenting with various baked goods, and much to my husband’s enjoyment have been blessed with wild success. One of those creations is a […]

Advice from a Novice Packer

After I published my post about our visit to Shorty Peak Lookout I realized I had finally gotten to a point where I was actually happy with what I had packed for the trip. I’ve been backpacking about a dozen times now, and I’m sure if you’re a novice packer like me, every trip you […]

Ectopic Pregnancy: Our Story

If you’ve seen my post announcing our first pregnancy you’ll know how overjoyed we were to have received such good news. Just two weeks after finding out we were expecting everything changed – mentally, emotionally, and in some ways physically. For the sake of context I’ll start from the beginning. My husband & I found […]

Aaron’s Favorite Tapioca

Until this past year I hadn’t fully understood the importance of tapioca pudding in my life. It’s something my husband used to buy for his weekday lunch. Little plastic, foil-topped pudding cups full of corn syrup, food coloring, added flavors and saturated fats… Ew! But since visiting his grandmother’s house this year and discovering her […]

Crystal Lake

First off: I didn’t know how many Crystal Lakes there were in the PNW until I tried to Google our destination just south of Cataldo, ID. If you instead search for Crystal Lake Wilderness Study Area you’ll get a better idea of where you’re going. This was the first backpacking trip Aaron & I took […]

Shorty Peak Lookout: Cabin in the Clouds

What a weekend we had at Shorty Peak Lookout! Standing in solitude atop Shorty Peak in the Cabinet mountains of far northern Idaho, this primitive cabin is a special treat for those who have the gumption to reach it. To begin, I’d like to stress that fire lookouts are a wonderful getaway, but are EXTREMELY […]

Triangle Lake

Although crowded during the 4th of July weekend, Triangle Lake is a family favorite in my neck of the woods. An easy hike with lots of campsites makes a great weekend getaway for you, the kids and the dogs! Located in the Caribou Wilderness within Lassen National Forest, Triangle Lake is just 2 hours east […]

Tangle Blue Lake

Possibly my favorite backpacking destination so far, Tangle Blue is a secret treasure hidden in the Trinity Alps Wilderness of Northern California. But this breathtaking mountain lake can’t be taken freely – it has to be earned with blood, sweat, and possibly tears. First of all, I’d like to mention that the dirt road to […]

Politics in the Media

In today’s world, the terms liberal and entertainment should be considered synonymous. Read the full article here: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/04/09/hollywoods-blatant-discrimination-no-conservatives-nor-christians-need-apply.html With the cancellation of popular shows like Last Man Standing conservative viewers are quickly becoming a large factor in recent cord-cutting statistics. I personally am acquainted with half a dozen families who have canceled their satellite service due to […]


If you follow me on Instagram, #adventuresinmarriage is a hashtag you’ll see me use often. Aaron and I are constantly going on adventures, trying new things, and navigating life in general not just as a couple, but as best friends and family members. I mention this because while we were plant shopping over the weekend […]

Almost Heaven

My husband and I have both been working full time (plus overtime) as well as traveling to central Idaho on the weekends to help my parents renovate their second home, so in lieu of a normal update I’d like to share a few photos of our adventures where the land meets the sky. The house […]

Easter Bunnies and Bulldogs

Aaron and I spent Easter in Washington with his family and visiting his grandmother. It’s the first trip we’ve taken since moving to Idaho and boy, was it a long weekend. We left after work on Friday night, and we collapsed into bed when we finally arrived in White Salmon after the 6 & 1/2 […]

Valentine’s Day 2018

Being our first wedding anniversary that Aaron hasn’t been working out of town as well as our first holiday as residents of Idaho, I knew I wanted this Valentine’s Day to be special. While we visited Coeur d’Alene over the New Year we unfortunately missed the opportunity to take the famed Eagle Cruise, a birdwatching […]

We Made It!

After many car troubles, potty breaks, and general FUBAR’s, we have finally made it to our new home! I start work Monday and Aaron is set to begin his new job at a moment’s notice. I’m sure the next few months will be nothing but hard work (unpacking, settling in, etc.) but I am so […]

Idaho: The Abridged Version

Aaron and I are relocating from northern California to the great state of Idaho. We’re not sure where exactly yet, but we know we no longer wish to reside in Redding, or anywhere else in California. After everything we’ve been subjected to in this state (skyrocketing crime, a broken penal system, financial hardship, among other […]

Sunken Road, Whiskeytown Lake

Duration: Day Trip, 2-4 hours Distance: 0.7 miles, 0ft elevation gain Difficulty: Easy-Moderate Region: Shasta County, CA Nearby Cities: Redding Traffic: Moderate-High Day Use/Parking Pass: Day Use or Annual Park Pass Required Dogs Allowed: Yes Restrictions: Dogs must be leashed on trails Many locals know the history of Whiskeytown Lake Reservoir. Parallel to countless other mountainous […]

Ready to Run

Aaron and I have been housesitting for family for the past two weeks, so while our adventures have taken a back burner to chores and pet watching, I wanted to revisit a few of my favorite foot trails here in Redding. Cookie loves to run and play so we are out jogging every chance we get, but […]

Faery Falls/Ney Springs

Duration: Day Trip, 2-4 hours Distance: 1.2 miles, 300ft elevation gain Difficulty: Easy-Moderate Region: Siskiyou County, CA Nearby Cities: Mt. Shasta hi Traffic: Low-Moderate Day Use/Parking Pass: None Dogs Allowed: Yes Restrictions: Dirt access road is not maintained, low clearance vehicles not recommended Being a lifelong resident of Shasta County, I relish any opportunity to […]

Ahjumawi State Park

Duration: Day Trip, 4-6hrs or overnight Distance: 3+ miles Difficulty: Easy-Moderate Region: Eastern Shasta County, CA Nearby Cities: Fall River Mills, Burney Traffic: Low-Moderate Day Use/Parking Pass: Permit required for overnight camping only – $15.00 Dogs Allowed: Yes Restrictions: Only access is by boat; no motorized watercraft allowed Over the weekend, Aaron and I went […]

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