Easter Bunnies and Bulldogs

Aaron and I spent Easter in Washington with his family and visiting his grandmother. It’s the first trip we’ve taken since moving to Idaho and boy, was it a long weekend. We left after work on Friday night, and we collapsed into bed when we finally arrived in White Salmon after the 6 & 1/2 hour trip. To top off a restless night I awoke Saturday morning to the dog whining at the back door. Cookie is not a very vocal animal, and she never makes any noise when she wants or needs to go outside (we had to purchase “doggie bells” to hang on the door for this reason) so my intrigue outweighed my annoyance at the early hour.

Another thing about Cookie that everyone knows is that she is a lover. She adores people, especially children, and absolutely loves other animals – dogs, cats, cows and horses alike. So when I found her sitting in front of the sliding glass door whining to be let out, I couldn’t help but smile at the reason. There on Grandma’s porch sat a statue of an English bulldog complete with collar, name tag, and classic canine scowl. Apparently Cookie had mistaken it for a real dog and was literally begging to go outside so she could play with it!


After I let her out onto the porch she quickly realized that the statue wasn’t a real puppy, and with a look on her face that could have been disappointment (or just my own anthropomorphic interpretation) she wandered off to explore the rest of the yard. Oh, the life of a dog!

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