How to Refill a Bona Mop

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If you’re anything like me you may have reconsidered your choice of cleaning products after having a baby. I know I didn’t used to care what I sprayed all over my household as long as it worked and it was cheap! Now that my son is one step behind me (all day, everyday) I am much more conscious of what I am using on my hard and soft surfaces to keep them clean and baby-friendly.

My Bona mop is something I use every single day and couldn’t possibly live without! Aside from having a huge mop pad one of my favorite features is that it is meant to be refillable, so no expensive refills or plastic waste (ahem, Swiffer.) After scouring the internet for kid- and pet-friendly floor mop recipes I finally settled on making my own. Most of the mixtures I found online used way too much vinegar and didn’t smell that great as a result!

The streak-free, degreasing secret ingredient I use in my mop solution is Simple Green. My husband has been using this cleaner in construction for over a decade and it’s the most underrated household cleaner of the century, in my opinion. It cuts grime like a mother, it’s biodegradable, and it doesn’t have an unpleasant chemical odor you might expect from a heavy duty cleanser. We buy ours in the concentrated liquid and mix it ourselves.

I’ve included a handy printable recipe for this mop refill solution. I use lemongrass to keep my floors smelling fresh but you can use any essential oil you like. Just pop the reservoir out of the mop, unscrew the cap, and add your ingredients. Don’t forget to give it a little shake before each use to keep the essential oils mixed into the solution!

Wet Mop Refill Solution

A family-friendly solution to those powerfully perfumed chemical concoctions, you can use any essential oil you like in this homemade mixture for any floor mop.


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 5 drops dish soap
  • 1 splash concentrated Simple Green cleaner
  • 20 drops essential oil


  • Add all ingredients to mop reservoir and top off with warm water. Shake well before each use.

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